Our Story

Map sculpture is owned and ran day to day by two good friends, Dan Jesse & Ben Fisher. Both Dan & Ben are lovers of the mountains and live just outside The Lake District National Park (Carlisle).

Dan lives with his wife and 2 children, and is Yorkshire born and bred but came to Cumbria for studies, then never left. An avid snowboarder, surfer, mountain biker & mountain hiker amongst many other hobbies. His love and passion for mountains was solidified in 2010 when he and his wife spent a season in Morzine as chalet hosts up in the Prodains Valley.

Ben is Cumbrian born. He is an avid BASE Jumper, speedflyer,  skydiver, mountain biker, paddle boarder and mountain biker. Much like Dan, his love and passion for the mountains was solidified by working a winter season in a beautiful mountain resort called Megeve.

The business was purchased in early 2020 from the former owner and founder, Chris Scammell. The new duo have spent a long time learning the tips and tricks from Chris that he has used to create these incredible art pieces.

The two run the business from a  rural industrial estate in a Village just outside Carlisle called Hallbankgate.

The workshop is in a very unique and special location as it is heated and powered by a mixture of renewable technologies such as, Solar Power and Biomass Heating. This means that all products produced by Map Sculpture are as environmentally friendly as possible. We source our wood and materials responsibly to ensure as little impact to the environment as possible. All of our natural wood products can be traced back to the original tree the wood was taken from.

Craft Precision

Using data driven process we are able to capture the one-of-a-kind undulations of beautiful terrains.

The love for map sculpture comes from the balance between organic materials and modern precision engineering. The ability for our bespoke relief maps to create art that people are able to use to plan adventures or capture a unique landscape that is special to them.

When we craft our maps, it all starts with hand-picking the best cuts of wood. These are called “blanks” and we only select the finest crown-sawn blanks to create that beautiful topographic effect that you see in our pieces from the natural grain of the wood.

The next step is machining, we use a precision machine that is accurate to 0.1mm (that’s 0.001cm) to sculpt our maps to ensure 100% accuracy and that our maps are true representations of the land.

Once the machining is complete, our process does not stop there. We hand-finish our maps with precision tooling then we sand and oil the wood to ensure protection for a long-lasting finish.


map sculpture copper precision detail close up